B4 & After

Here’s just a few of our fans doing awesome work in their newly adjusted ergonomic workstations.  Please be careful what you post – the whole world is looking….

Karen Nixon says “Great videos, quick and easy to follow! Thanks, Steve”


ergoselfie infographic

2 thoughts on “B4 & After

    1. Stephen,
      You have a bunch of things going on here that need to be addressed. First, the arms on your chair are not adjustable and neither is the lumbar support. You may fit in it okay, but most likely not. You should add a mouse to your laptop and also think about raising the screen to avoid tech neck – how tall are you again? Also, most of your work tools – scanner and printer are behind your laptop which makes you reach over and around. I would try to space those things out a little more. Does the sun from the window bother you?

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